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Financial Planning Services.

We offer personalised financial plans, to help you grow wealth, prepare for retirement, and become financially independent. We can If you are searching for “financial planning Northern Beaches”, contact us for an initial meeting to review your existing situation and see if we can offer any improvements to your financial situation.
Personal Insurance

This is often overlooked as an integral part of your financial planning. For most people the ability to earn an income is the biggest asset you have, and on which your whole financial future relies. Also, if you have a loan or a family that is dependent on you, making sure you are adequately covered is a must.

At 23 Beaches we understand there must be a balance between being insured and also not paying through the roof for those insurances, we can help set up cost-effective ways to insure yourself and your family.

Wealth Creation

It is never too early to start planning for the future. Our experts review your current lifestyle and budget to identify the key areas where you can invest and cut costs to improve your financial situation without affecting your lifestyle. You can then modify and implement the plan accordingly based on your specific goals, i.e., saving for the future, setting up investments for better tax returns, or making the most of what you have.

The best strategy will vary from person to person. We offer a no-cost and no-obligation meeting to discover if there are any areas in which we may be able to provide you value.

Ethical Investing
If you have a preference for ethical and socially responsible investing, whether it’s personally or through your super, we have a range of cost-effective options.
Retirement Planning
​It’s no surprise that retirement planning is often the first time many Australians visit a financial planner. Planning for retirement can be a daunting task, given you need to consider various factors to lead a comfortable life post-retirement.

Put simply, retirement planning is the process of working out how much income you need, for how long, and how you will fund this. The reality is far more complex and it’s crucial to get it right. The earlier you start with your local Northern Beaches financial planner, the better, but it’s never too late. Easy to understand retirement plans, that you can understand.

Estate Planning
Think about estate planning and you automatically think about your will. A current will is vital to ensuring that your estate is distributed according to your wishes, to whom and in what manner.

In the absence of a valid will, there is a risk that you might not be providing for your beneficiaries in the way in which you expected. An effective estate plan, however, is not just about your will. There are many non-estate assets that might not be distributed according to your will. One of the best examples of this situation is a jointly owned family home.

Your superannuation funds are also not always an estate asset and upon demise, the way these funds will be treated can be quite diverse compared to other assets you might own. To ensure that all your assets are transferred seamlessly to your heirs, our experts will take into account various factors when estate planning. These include the current and overall financial situation of you and your beneficiaries, any additional special circumstances, avenues of generating estate funding, and the taxation levied on these assets.


Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are an option for people who want to gain better control over their superannuation portfolio and want the flexibility to decide when they want to acquire or sell their specific investments.

These funds allow you to invest in various assets like shares, fixed interests, commercial and residential properties, physical commodities like gold, artwork, etc. SMSFs can offer greater flexibility of investment choice, meaning you will need to display a greater degree of responsibility.

The additional regulation around SMSFs and potential penalties make it essential to partner with a team of professionals to get the right advice and satisfy your regulatory requirements.

Superannuation and Pension

Superannuation and pension are often the next largest assets we own after our home. While these funds are largely inaccessible until retirement, they deserve as much care and attention as any aspect of your Northern Beaches financial planning. The long-term nature of these assets means that you need to be aware when investing these funds in the right place as it can make a huge difference when you do come to retire.

There are many different types of super funds and types of accounts, all of which aim to help individuals have enough savings for retirement. However, it is very crucial that you know in which super fund and account type to invest your money, and when and how much to contribute to the fund to ensure that they are maximising possible opportunities and avoiding common mistakes.

Constant changes in legislation and market conditions mean that active long-term management will result in better retirement. We offer a no-cost and no-obligation meeting to discover if there are any areas in which we may be able to provide you value.

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